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Mothers Day Gifts

Mums bring us into the world – so shouldn’t they be given all the world has to offer in return? We certainly think so which is why we have bent over backwards even more so than ever to bring you this wonderful selection of wonderful Mother's Day experiences.

Forget the oh-so predictable flowers and chocs and instead send Mum to a chocolate-making class! Or instead of a gift that will end up at the back of the drawer send your mum on a rock climbing adventure! We have 100s of fabulous Mother's Day gifts to choose from with every one guaranteed to make her smile on this day to celebrate motherhood.

Beautiful, Funny, Caring & Wise – Now You Can Show Mum Just What She Means To You!

Birthdays are of course special in their own right and are celebrated to mark the particular identity and personality of the birthday boy or girl. But when it comes to celebrating Mother’s Day, well that’s a whole different walk through life. And that’s because Mother’s Day is all about kids showing their mum just how much they love her and for all the things she does for them as a mother. So now here’s your chance to show her how much you appreciate her.

Indulgent Mum

Now, even though we here at Gifts That Thrill are keen on our extreme offerings we are well aware that Mother’s Day is also about pampering and we do that with great style too. So with us your mum can spend a day at the spa, enjoy a smooth, relaxing massage, have a wardrobe shake out with a stylist or enjoy learning the art of making and eating refined chocolate! Whatever the indulgence we are sure your mum will love whatever you choose as much as we enjoy bringing it to her.

Adventure Mum

Even mums are adrenaline junkies so if your mum is just itching to try new things in life, or wants to experience the world or has the hots for the great outdoors, then an adventure gift may be just the present she will adore this Mother's Day. Swimming with sharks, V8 buggy racing, hot air ballooning or tandem skydiving, whatever the thrill we have it all wrapped up with a nice big bow.

Modern Day Mum

Keeping life simple and casual is the trait of the modern mum. She's great at her job, looking after her family, her health and feels happiest when everything is in balance. This Mother's Day you can show her how much you care by helping her create the balance, but what will it be? A private yoga class perhaps or how about a hip hop dance workshop? Maybe a style consultation will be to her taste or a one on one drum tuition using only the hands and no sticks? So much to choose from, yet every one is a winner to make your mum’s Mother’s Day extra special this year.

Quirky Mum

Our range of unusual Mother's Day gifts and gift ideas will certainly take her breath away. We have belly dancing, scuba diving, surf-boarding, golf and lunching, jewellery-making and song recording, to name but a few. There is inspiration everywhere to make a bit hit with mums all across Oz. The only dilemma perhaps is choosing which you will go for!

What others are saying...

I expected nothing but a relaxing day with the family on the Sunday but how wrong I was. They had joined together to throw this big surprise on me. That day I was going to do tandem skydiving. It was all so well planned, I had no idea. It was a great and very different day but it was the many smiles and laughter that made it for me.
L Brannon  
It was completely unexpected this Mothers Day but way better than the flowers and chocs to make me fat. This year I was given a day at the spa. The experience was beautifully presented in the gift box, the booking was easy and I just had a fabulous time relaxing, away from it all. I would recommend it... very friendly staff.
T Harris  
Mother's Day for me has always been a quick 'Happy Mothers Day, lets get on with the day' ..type of thing. Here's some flowers and maybe some chocolates. Well this time, the gift on Mother's Day was completely out of the blue. Congratulations, it said. You're going on a Hot Air Balloon Flight! It was 3:30am in the morning and the whole family was up and ready to join me on the flight. It was fantastic from the surprise to the flight and morning breakfast. Excellent idea!
H Burton  
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