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We're passionate about helping people discover great experiences.

Gifts That Thrill is a leading Australian experience gift company. Established in 2006, we consistently offer great experiences and lead the way with benefits others have been unable to match. Here is how....

  • Sleek and magnificently presented gift box
  • No fuss, 28 day refund
  • The most flexible vouchers. 12 months expiry PLUS EXTRA 3 months to enjoy your experience.
  • 100% price match guarantee.
  • FREE regular post. e-Vouchers emailed FREE.
  • Unlimited exchanges. Swap for credit anytime.
  • No fee surprises. No booking fees. No credit card fees.
  • No transfer fees. Transfer to anyone, any time.

28 Day Refund

Here at Gifts That Thrill we provide refunds providing the purchaser contacts us within 28 days of the date the purchase was made.

The only thing we can’t do is offer a refund if the voucher has been used to make a booking as we are obliged to honour that booking with the tour or activity operator.

Administration fees may apply. For full details on refunds, check terms and conditions.

The Most Flexible Vouchers

Vouchers have expiry dates and as we all know, time flies. So it may happen that you suddenly realise you've only got 6 weeks left to use your voucher and then you find out there aren't any available dates left to use that voucher. Damn! But here’s the rub – other gift experience agents will charge you or the person that's important to you $30+ to extend your voucher even though your voucher hasn't expired.

The good news is; we don’t. In fact we do the complete opposite – Gifts That Thrill offers an extra 3 months for you to take the experience you have been given. So, book within the 12 months voucher validity period and feel free to enjoy your experience anytime up to 3 months after your voucher has expired.

100% Price Match Guarantee

Feel safe in the knowledge that when shopping with us you are getting the best deal. If you've found the same experience cheaper with any of our operators, we'll happily match it. Whatsmore, if you make a purchase with us and find the operator is offering the experience cheaper within 14 days, then we'll refund you 100% of the price difference.

When price matching, we take into account any delivery charges, packaging costs, credit card fees, booking fees and admin fees. If we can verify the price difference, we'll match it. If you've already purchased the experience from us within the last 14 days, we'll refund you 100% of the price difference up to a maximum of $200!
Terms and conditions apply.

If you've found your experience is being offered cheaper by an operator then send us an email at theteam@giftsthatthrill.com.au and we'll check it out for you.

Low Delivery Fees - FREE Regular Post

Our e-Vouchers are always delivered FREE. And right now you can get shipping by regular post absolutely FREE. If you need it really fast, Express Post is the perfect solution. You'll receive it next business day guaranteed. Just remember to place your order by 3pm Monday to Friday - Express is only good if the postal address is within the Express Post network (we'll let you know when you order).

We'll keep you informed where we're up to with your delivery from providing our best estimates of the delivery date when placing an order, through to an email notification when it leaves us. From there you can track it on-line anytime from 5pm same day. You'll always know where it is.

Unlimited Exchanges

That's right; with Gifts That Thrill you can exchange your voucher for credit, purchase a new voucher with your credit and enjoy 12 months voucher validity all over again. Do it as many times as you like, no limits! But best of all we will not charge you for exchanging your voucher for credit.

We’re different because other agents will permit exchanges but will not give you another 12 months of voucher validity. Now that’s a big difference and one we’re particularly proud of.

No Fee Surprises

We loathe them, and we know you do too. Yes, it’s those niggly fees you get when you pass through the online checkout. A $3 credit card fee or a $2 booking fee. So, because we loathe them, we decided right from the start that people will get none of that with Gifts That Thrill. And for that we know you’ll love us.

No Transfer Fees

Here’s another big, big difference. Some rival gift experience agents charge you to transfer your voucher to another person and some will charge you a whopping $30 to switch your booking date. You may also find that the operator providing the actual experience will charge you too! Hells bells! What is more, some agents even impose a 31 day minimum on re-bookings.

With Gifts That Thrill you get absolutely none of that.

What we say to you is this – if you want to transfer your voucher to another person, just give them the voucher. It’s as simple as that and we won’t take a penny in fees or charges for giving you that opportunity. Also, if you want to change your booking date, we won’t charge you for that either (though you may find the operator providing the experience will impose a fee if you don't give them sufficient notice, usually 2-4 weeks, but we can’t do anything about that).

So, as you can see, Gifts That Thrill can not only claim to be different, we can back it up too! And we do that because we know our customers and the people that are important to them will love us for it.

We hope this information helped answer your questions. For additional details including full terms and conditions and contact details, check out our Help section.

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